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Agriculture Economics and Economics-ECONSTAT


The Agriculture Sector being the back bone of all the Economic activities plays a vital/dominant role in the State’s economy and contributes by and large abundantly in the State Domestic Product (SDP) by way of economic activity rendered by majority of rural population. The responsibility of providing timely and reliable Statistical data relating to main components namely, area, average yield and production of different crops lies on the Statistical wing of Financial Commissioner (Revenue) Office.
The Statistics on land use and various crops sown at Tehsil/District level are collected by launching various Schemes like Timely Reporting Scheme (TRS), Improvement of Crop Statistics (ICS), General Crop Estimation Survey (GCES) and Cost of Cultivation Study (COCS) during both seasons Kharif and Rabi. Besides Agriculture Census and Minor Irrigation Census are conducted after every five years by this Office.

The primary objectives of the Statistical wing of Financial Commissioner (Revenue) are laid down as under:-
(a) To obtain reliable estimates of average yield of food and non- food crops.
(b) To maintain crop wise area covered on the basis of Goshwara Jinswara Statements received at Tehsil/District level from Deputy Commissioners.
(c) To conduct Cost of Cultivation Study for determining the economic viability of a particular crop in different tehsils and to know input-output ratio.
(d) To conduct quiuennial Agricultural Census and Minor Irrigation Census besides other Surveys and Censuses as entrusted by Centre/State Governments.
The Plan Schemes implemented by the Office of the Financial Commissioner (Revenue) are classified here as under:-

1. Agricultural Census (AC) 100% C.S.S:This is a 100% centrally sponsored Plan Scheme. The main aim of the scheme is to conduct Agricultural Census on all India Pattern after every five years to know the structure of Operation holdings.
2.  Minor Irrigation Census (MIC):
This is also a 100% Centrally Sponsored Plan Scheme. The main aim of the scheme is to conduct Census of Minor Irrigation projects in the every state after five years besides collecting physical progress reports of Minor Irrigation Projects from implementing agencies viz Rural Development and Irrigation & Flood Control Departments periodically. The funds for this scheme are released by Director Economics and Statistics who is Nodal Agency for this Scheme.

3.Timely Reporting Scheme (TRS). 100% C.S.S:This Scheme was earlier funded by Centre-State on 50:50 basis but now this has been converted into 100% (CSS) scheme .The main aim of the scheme is to release advance estimates of area under different crops during Kharif and Rabi seasons. The survey is being conducted in 20% villages selected by systematic Random Sampling in each Tehsil except in Leh and Kargil districts.

4. Improvement of Crop Statistics (ICS):This Scheme earlier funded by Centre-State 50:50 basis but now this too has been converted in to 100% (CSS) scheme.The objective of the Scheme is to locate the deficiencies in the system of Agriculture Statistics and to improve the same jointly in collaboration with the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) Govt.of India.

5. Improvement of Agricultural Statistics (IAS):
Basically this scheme comes under non- plan, however only one post of a Driver is borne on State Plan ( 100% State share).Under this Scheme, usually capital component for carrying crop cutting experiments are met out from this plan Scheme. The capital component outlay is being earmarked to effect purchase of Crop Cutting and other equipments for immediate distribution amongst the primary workers entrusted with the job of conducting crop cutting experiments.

6. Cost of Cultivation Study (COCS):
The aim of the scheme is to assess the input- output ratio of different crops in different Tehsils of the State and to know whether the particular crop is profitable to the farmers and suggestions to improve the cultivation system. No staff is borne on the scheme .
Annual Plan 2009-10:
Under Annual Plan 2009-10, an amount of Rs.23.50 lacs has been kept Revenue component and Capital component with a break up of Rs. 20.00 lacs and Rs. 3.50 lacs respectively. Under Capital the amount of Rs.3.50 lacs has been earmarked for purchase of crop cutting equipments.

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